Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tangible v. Intangible

Tangible v. Intangible: Knowledge July 30, 2014 By Julie Kay Smithson Some things are tangible, and the advertising industry knows only too well that visual and audio stimulation entices people to buy billions of dollars' worth of tangibles each year. Other things are intangible, and as such, require much more creativity to market. Knowledge, for example, is often something you can acquire, but cannot actually wrap your fingers around, like a ripe peach or juicy burger. Knowledge is what guides you in life. It is at your beck and call, in your brain, there to assist you in countless ways. Once upon a time, my workdays were spent doing something tangible: I was holding a steering wheel and piloting a semi-truck, pulling two trailers down the road behind me, on my way from origin to destination. The intangible part was the knowledge that enabled me to do that safely for twenty-seven years and 3.1 million miles. Now I pilot a computer keyboard and a plethora of printed books, tangibly researching property rights and natural resources issues for an average of seventy hours a week, every week. The intangible part is the knowledge my work shares with subscribers to my efforts. This knowledge is sent via email, and is like a mixed box of chocolates in its subject matter: water, farming/ranching, property rights, conservation easements, litigation, access, roadless, innovations, and much more. The fruits of my labors are shared with people that not only appreciate my efforts, but are also keenly aware of their worth when transferred into their own brains. Hosea 4:6 clearly states: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Living requires enough tangibles to keep us healthy, hydrated and happy. Being knowledgeable requires enough intangibles to make a well-rounded life possible. Donating to my efforts is a tangible that helps you maintain the life you enjoy. Its your brain and your life. Both need tangible and intangible food. Thank you for considering the possibilities that will be opened to you by subscribing! A dollar a day can help you live so much better! Julie Kay Smithson, property rights and natural resources subscriber 213 Thorn Locust Lane London, Ohio (OH) 43140