Thursday, November 19, 2009

FromUsToYou: Meandering

FromUsToYou: Meandering

By Julie Kay Smithson

Meander is something streams and rivers do naturally. Hunting dogs tracking a scent also meander, as the quarry's scent wanders to and fro.

Meandering also seems to be something I tend to do this time of year when out for a walk with Wiggles Blue Heeler. Both of us are so immersed in 'the moment' – from the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and colors, to the rarefied atmosphere that comes to Ohio for a short time in October and November: low humidity – that we just drift back and forth across the paths and trails, tarrying in the sun and reveling in the season.

One spectacular day in early September, Wiggles and I went with friends to Indian Lake and took a ride on a pontoon boat (our very first boat ride!), then had a fine afternoon playing virtual badminton (no net) and cooking out. We all meandered that day, on land and water!

On your path in life – but please, not on the road! – may there be just enough meander to bring you smiles and a full heart!

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