Thursday, November 12, 2009

Your cravings will tell you ...

Your cravings will tell you ...

that the seasons are changing, sometimes weeks before the calendar.

When you crave a bowl of hot soup, stew or a potpie, it's a sure sign that summer's fled, to be replaced by autumn. When the last of the garden tomatoes have been nipped by frost, it's fall.

We mourn the passing of this season of homegrown fruits and vegetables, farmers markets, and ice cream stands. When cider replaces ice-chilled drinks, the ninety-degree days of this year are history.

As we get "way down in the fall," the taste of Popsicles and Icees gives way to the desire for "something hot." We pore through the pantry to see what soups and hot drink mixes may await us there.

A sign that winter's at our doorstep is the comforting feel of a hot coffee mug in our fingers, its steaming fragrance wafting into our very soul. Candles with scents of bayberry, cinnamon & clove and pine, meld with hot chocolate and spiced teas. Suddenly, the thought of a casserole or a slow-cooked meal means the home will be warmed and "aromatized" in a most pleasing way!
Enjoy this coming snuggle-season by sharing your warm thoughts, and maybe an extra hot meal, with someone who sorely needs the nourishment both offer. Twill make next spring and summer that much more appreciated! Warm up those snow shovels and blowers and think Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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